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An unrelated Third Party Valuation is the Key

The Experts at IRA Valuations can help you get in Compliance and Save Thousands in Distribution Taxes

Taking an In-Kind Distribution
Converting to a ROTH IRA
Inherited IRA Distributions
RMD’s – Required Minimum Distribution

A Qualified Third Party Valuation is
REQUIRED on NON-Conforming Assets

LLC and Trust Valuation

Many custodians today require a fair market valuation done on your entire LLC or Trust, and not just on a particular asset owned by your IRA.

Real Estate

We can help you value any type of real estate related investment, including: Raw Land, Single Family, Multi-Family, Apartments, Loans on Real Estate, Partnership Interests.

Private Equity and Funds

Any type of ownership of, or loans to, a business/partnership/fund can be valued. This percentage can be 100% or only a small fraction.

The IRA LLC or the Solo 401(k) LLC

Did you know the IRS routinely allows discounts of 35% on the value of assets that are inside of an LLC when distributed that translates 35% less in taxes?

“The Valuation of an interest in an IRA-owned LLC must consider not only the assets held by the LLC, but the actual legal restrictions that affect their full enjoyment by the IRA member of the IRA-LLC.”

More Scrutiny is Coming

The GAO determined that IRS publications provide limited information for IRA owners with unconventional assets surrounding complex tax rules in four compliance areas:

1 barred investments,

2 prohibited transactions,

3 unrelated business income,

4 fair market value.

IRC Code Compliance is Key

In January 2020 the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued a special report on IRAs holding “unconventional assets”